Sigma DT Robotics is a Robotic Integrator that offers high-quality Robots, Systems, and provide Services and Spare parts for small and big size companies.

We have a large inventory of ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, and Yaskawa brand Robots and Spare Parts available in the US and in Europe.

Besides our standard Robotic Manufacturing Cells, we can custom Engineer, Automate your current production line seamlessly. 

​Robotic Applications (Cells)

- Milling Robots
- Grinding Robots
- Polishing Robots
- Welding Robots
- Plasma Cutting Robots
- Waterjet Cutting Robots
- Palletizing Robots
- Load / Unload Robots
- Tandem lines
- Custom Design Robotic Cells

KUKA 150-200 KRC2 Robots- 20% Discount

- KUKA KR150 KRC2 150kg : 20+ Available
- KUKA KR200 KRC2 200kg : 20+ Available

- KUKA KR350 KRC2 350kg : 20+ Available

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     Contact Us: +1(630) 847 - 7775   USA  

3 YASKAWA Welding Positioners- 20% Discount

 3 Yaskawa Robotic Welding ositioners are Available
 They are 500kg (1,000 Lb.) Capacity 
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We Sell Refurbished &Tested Robots 

We Test all our Robots before selling to our customers.
We complete several stage of Testing before the final approval. We do Electrical, Mechanical, Servo, Cable, Software, Load, and Lube tests. 

We not only sell Tested Robots but also all our Spare Parts go trough a standard testing processes.
​We want to make sure that our customers get  a product as good as a brand new but paying way less than a new product.

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We have 100s of Robots available for Sale. If you didn't find  a solution for your Robotic needs. We guaranty, we got a solution available for you all the time.





We will buy your Robots

We will buy your Robots if you don't need them anymore. We not only buy your robot we can also quote for your Production Cell, Line or the whole  Plant.  
Please contact us for a better pricing.
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Fanuc S-430iW & R2000iA Robots- 20% Discount

- Fanuc S-430iW 2.55m x 165kg : 30+ Available
- Fanuc R2000iA 200EW RJ3iB 200kg : 10+ Available

- Fanuc R2000iA RJ3iB 2.55m x 210kg: 10+ Available

- Fanuc ArcMate 100iA RJ3iB Lincoln 455 Welder : 6 Available
- Fanuc Arcmate 100i RJ3 Lincoln 455 Weld : 10+ Available
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ABB 6600 & 7600 w/ S4C Plus Robots- 20% Discount

- ABB 6650 S4C+ 3.00m x 200kg : 20+ Available
- ABB 6600 S4C+ 2.55m x 225kg : 15+ Available

- ABB 7600 S4C+ 350 & 400kg: 10+ Available

- ABB 7600 S4C+ 350kg Foundry : 2 Available
- ABB 6400 S4C 2.55m x 175kg : 20+ Available

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​Why Buy Used Robot(s)?

Any investors would think, lowering the Capital Investment on a new equipment and increasing ROI (Return on Investment) would be a logical move.
Almost all the companies are competing against each other in the global market. They are either trying to hold what they already have gained or try to increase their presence in the current market.

Robots have been replacing human in manufacturing field, especially in automotive manufacturing, last thirty years or so.   
Robots play a big role to set new standards in  manufacturing processes. It all comes down to either buying a New or a Used Robot. This is all about how you want to manage your Finances.

If you are a first time Robot buyer, most likely there is no differences between a new Robot and a Used Robot but only the capital investment. Price of a Used Robot, in most cases, is a fraction of a brand new robot. Instead of buying a brand new Robot you can buy between 3-5 same model Used Robots that would work and do the job just like a new Robot.

We can help you make a decision about the type of Robot(s) you need, and also help your Process Flow and Time Studies in your manufacturing lines.